How to Extend & Prolong the Life of Your Carpet in Santa Ana CA; Thorough Steam Carpet Cleaning Shampoo, Routine Vacuuming & More!

Carpet is an investment, and we need them to last. A dingy carpet can bring a home down, and make it less appealing. Especially the constant foot traffic that brings out the wear and tear and even the dreaded dark trails. Keeping your carpets looking like new is hard, but not impossible.

Orange County Steam Masters would like to offer some cleaning maintenance tips to keeping your carpets vibrant and fresh for years to come.

Use a well engineered vacuum. A poorly manufactured vacuum can really contribute to early retirement for your carpets. A cheap and lousy made vacuum can pull at fibers, causing early deterioration. When a vacuum doesn’t suck up dirt, dander, hair and other filth efficiently, it will make the carpet appear aged and grimy. Spending the extra cash on a well designed vacuum that is competent for the adequate task, can improve your carpets quality as well as extend its beauty and functioning capability.
Install high quality carpet pad. A lot of homeowners don’t give the carpet padding the proper attention it deserves. The carpet padding is crucial for extending the life of your carpet. The padding is the force the absorbs most of the abuse the carpet takes. Without a good quality padding, the carpet will experience a dramatic decline in its esthetics and function. A well installed carpet padding will also contribute to better comfort when walking on it.
No shoes on carpet. Where this is can be considered extreme, it is best to ban shoes from contact on your carpet, along with bare feet.
The “no shoe” rule is an effective weapon to set in place. It will hinder a considerable amount of oils, dirt, bacteria, and other debris from being spread through your carpet. The filth on your shoes creates a mild abrasive that will rub away at the carpet. In a nut shell, permitting shoes can quickly destroy carpets, and quickly stain them up. The best solution is to construct a shoe rack by the door.
No bare feet on carpet. Bare feet can be an issue for your carpet as well. There are natural oils that secrete from human tissue that can, over time, cause carpet causalities.
Utilize carpet runners. To better protect the high traffic areas of your carpet, find a carpet runner that tastefully accentuates your carpet. This will help cut down on day to day wear and tear, and cut down on creating the dingy traffic stains.
Do not neglect carpet spills. Always attend the spills and accidents. Immediately attacking most stains can keep the carpet free from looking riddled and needing replacing. Most stains can be removed immediately using the right methods, or hiring a professional before they become near impossible for removal. Always clean them up as they happen, and if you should find a stain later on that you didn’t know about, get to it quickly.
Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners. No matter how well you are able to keep your carpets cleaned, having an expert come in and use state of the art equipment and top of the line detergents can keep your carpets in pristine condition. At Orange County Steam Masters, our experienced technicians can keep your carpets looking radiant. We are better equipped to handle the stubborn stains! A common misconception is that if the carpets look good, they are not in need of professional attention. Even the less traveled on and perfectly kept carpet needs a deep cleaning to remove the underlining dirt, dander and fine particles of debris.

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