Air Duct Cleaning

Steam Masters supplies commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Orange County and Inland Empire area with a number of carpet treatments and related services. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services at affordable rates. Steam Masters technicians are masterfully trained, experienced, and have remarkable skills that more than qualify them to perform the services we offer. In addition to having the best in the business conduct our services, we also utilize high-end products and equipment available only to licensed professionals to assure our valued customers are receiving nothing less than premium quality results.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Steam Masters proudly offers air duct cleaning for the commercial and residential properties of Pasadena, California and in surrounding areas. Air ducts are in constant use, whether it is circulating warm air with the heater, or cool air with the air conditioner, and because of that, they accumulate dirt, dust, hair, fur, dust mites, cockroach matter, pollen and allergens, mildew and even mold along with other pollutants. When the air ducts airflow is restricted, the HVAC system is not operating at peak performance, which will not only put extra wear on the units, but it will also increase energy consumption that spikes your utility bills. In addition, those with respiratory problems, chronic allergies, and asthma attacks will find the challenge of day to day life with excessive debris in the air ducts make the indoor air quality poor. Getting your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years will drastically improve the indoor air quality as well as HVAC system efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning in Orange County and Inland Empire, California

If your commercial or residential air ducts in Orange County and Inland Empire, California area are in need of a professional cleaning, contact Steam Masters today and let us get started!