Carpet Repair

Carpet repair can save you the inconvenience, waste and cost of premature replacement. In most circumstances, your carpet can be fixed by a professional carpet repair company. Steam Masters is proud to have saved many home and business owners thousands of dollars by repairing their damaged carpets. Read on to learn how we can assist you!

Carpet Stretching

Re-stretching of carpet can solve many problems such as wrinkles, bulges and rippling of carpets that not only looks unattractive and contribute to premature carpet wear but most importantly can be a serious trip and fall hazard. Just like a face lift, re-stretching makes carpet tight again. Carpet stretching also prolongs the life of carpet by removing the bulges that cause carpet to wear from the constant back and forth bending that occurs when they are stepped on. Some of the causes of carpet ripples and bunches are poor carpet or tackless strip installation, prolonged damp carpet, dragging heavy furniture across carpet and high traffic areas. Steam Masters can up your carpet where necessary and stretch it using special tools that create a flat and tight result so that the wrinkles and buckles disappear and never come back.

Carpet Patch Repair to Fix Holes, Burns & Other Damage

Steam Masters utilize the “cut and plug” technique for small areas of carpet that are burned, stained, torn or similarly damaged such as when a cat or dog scratches a hole in the carpet. We carefully cut out the damaged piece of carpet and patch it with a good piece of matching carpet for an invisible repair. If matching leftover carpet is not available, we can take a small piece from a closet or other hidden location.

Carpet Seaming & Invisible Joins

Carpet seam repair is necessary when an existing seam has come undone. Often, the carpet has lifted up, exposing the back side of the carpet and padding. The process we use is removing the existing seam tape that originally bonded the carpet together and retrimming the carpet. Then, we re-seam the carpet with a perfect straight edge and restretch to repair the separated seam.

Carpet Repair & More in Orange County & Inland Empire California

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