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The drapery in your home provides not only an additional element of décor, but they also add another layer of insulation and provide shade for those days when the sun shines brightly through your windows. Drapes come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and textures. And just like your carpet and area rugs, your drapes come in contact with a great deal of dust, dirt and other materials that can dull their appearance, cause them to fade and produce permanent damage. Just like your carpet and area rugs, your drapes should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year to keep them looking like new and prevent them from becoming damaged.

Do it Yourself Drapery Cleaning Mistakes

Many people make the mistake of cleaning their drapery on their own. Your drapes should be cleaned by a professional to prevent any damage that may occur during your attempt to clean them. One of the most common mistakes that occur when home owners decide to clean their drapes on their own is when they put the drapes into the washing machine. This is one of the worst steps to take when cleaning drapes. Your washing machine is powerful and spins at a very fast speed. Washing drapery in the washing machine will distort pleats, cause excessive shrinkage and fade the colors of your drapes.

Don’t Take Curtains to the Dry Cleaners!

Another mistake that is often made when it comes to drape cleaning is when they are taken to the dry cleaner, the same dry cleaner that presses your suits and cleans your shirts. While your clothes may come out looking like new, a regular run of the mill dry cleaner does not have the appropriate equipment, skill set or materials that are required to properly clean your drapes. Do not settle when it comes to cleaning your drapes, you risk the chance of having your drapes seriously damaged if you decide to take them to your local dry cleaner.

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When you have the drapes in your home cleaned by a professional, not only will the dust and allergens be removed from your drapes but having them professionally cleaned will also contribute significantly to preserving the fabric of your drapes. Whether you have cotton drapes, polyester drapes, linen drapes or silk drapes, contact Orange County Steam Masters to have your drapes professionally cleaned and left looking like new. Orange County Steam Masters will remove all dirt, dust and stains from your drapes to keep them looking like new and protecting you and your family from the harmful materials that can become trapped within your drapes. Contact Orange County Steam Masters today to schedule your next cleaning and restoration appointment.