Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services; Steam AKA Hot Water Extraction in Irvine CA

Regular carpet cleaning is a necessity for maintaining a professional healthy atmosphere within your office or commercial buildings. Over time, your flooring will pick up dirt and other debris and if it not removed on a regular basis, your flooring will break down and look unattractive and soiled. Fortunately, with regular scheduling the professional carpet cleaning specialists at Orange County Steam Masters can keep your office flooring clean and sanitized.

Cleaning Commercial Carpets

Most commercial buildings deal with foot traffic and with foot traffic a certain amount of soil, moisture and other debris can certainly be expected. Entry mats and daily vacuuming can keep some of the soil from saturating your carpet fibers but a professional carpet cleaning from the expert carpet cleaning specialists at Orange County Steam Masters can keep your commercial carpeting looking vibrant and fresh.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods – Hot Water Extraction

There are several different treatment options available for commercial buildings, but most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the most effective method to deep clean commercial carpeting. The carpet cleaning specialists at Orange County Steam Masters use a combination of heated water and dry foam detergent which is injected deep into the carpeting and vacuumed up to remove soiling deep down in the carpet fibers.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

With regular carpet cleaning by an Orange County Steam Masters professional, your office flooring will remain in excellent condition for many years. The experienced carpet cleaning specialists are trained in the most up-to-date carpet cleaning methods and techniques available in the carpet cleaning industry. The first step is a regular vacuuming to extend the life of your carpets, combined with a deep clean treatment which consists of paying special attention to the entry points of the building and all high traffic areas before a thoroughly deep cleaning of the entire surface. A deep clean is recommended twice a year to ensure optimal results.

Some of the benefits of an Orange County Steam Masters hot water extraction carpet cleaning include:

• Cost effective when compared to other forms of carpet cleaning
• The most highly effective method for extracting dirt and debris caught deep in the carpet fibers
• Kills germs and bacteria as well as completely sanitizing your carpets
• Effectively controls odors when used in conjunction with a carpet deodorizer
• Hot water extraction equipment attached to truck mounted equipment uses less water and chemical that traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Commercial & Industrial Carpet Cleaning Tips

The type of industrial carpeting that is typically used in commercial properties is very different to the type of flooring used in residential properties. Residential flooring is designed for comfort and is often plush in its design with a taller pile and a loose loop design. Thick padding beneath the carpet also adds to the luxury feel of residential carpeting. Commercial carpet on the other hand concentrates on durability and economy since commercial businesses experience a higher level of foot traffic. Commercial carpeting typically has a short pile with tight looping that provides it with density and durability and is the perfect choice for an office environment.

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